Amanda Sanborn

Amanda Sanborn


2012 was a rough year for me. Upon seeing my doctor to discuss depression symptoms, fatigue and an unexplained weight gain, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s syndrome, a form of hypothyroidism where my thyroid antibodies were attacking my thyroid gland, slowing my metabolism. It took me a while to accept the diagnosis and realize I needed help getting to a healthy weight.

In January I saw a flyer for Mera’s Fit Femmes class and signed up. Group training sessions were fantastic as both Mera and the other women in the class kept me motivated. Mera showed a passion for me to succeed which made me work even harder. Mera taught me a lot about proper nutrition and kept training exciting by constantly mixing up the workouts- no session was the same. In six months, I had lost 36lbs, 8.7% body fat and three pant sizes! Additionally, I gained confidence, self- acceptance and a fantastic butt. My weight loss and training experience inspired me to create a blog chronicling my new active lifestyle at I’m so glad I have Mera as my trainer!

The “Before” Picture I weighed 195lbs (Jan 2013) the “After” picture I weighed in at 159lbs (July 2013)… and I am still going strong!

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