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Have you tried to workout at the gym and found you weren’t getting the results you want? You could be doing the wrong style of training for your fitness goals, or not properly executing the exercises. Proper form is key to achieve maximum results you want and also prevents injuries, of course.

Signing up for one on one training will get you on the fast track to seeing the results of your hard work in the gym, and the right style of training that fits your body.

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This is a nutrition and fitness plan designed specifically to get you ready for that special event (wedding, prom, school reunion, vacation, etc…). It includes goal setting and deadlines based on the client, with a personalized nutrition plan, a personalized workout plan, bi-weekly check-ins, accountability, emotional support, weekly motivational emails and inspiration, break through plateaus, timeline for event and fitness goals, and measurements.

Personalized Workout Plan

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2012 was a rough year for me. Upon seeing my doctor to discuss depression symptoms, fatigue and an unexplained weight gain, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s syndrome, a form of hypothyroidism where my thyroid antibodies were attacking my thyroid gland, slowing my metabolism. It took me a while to accept the diagnosis and realize I needed help getting to a healthy weight.

In January I saw a flyer for Mera’s Fit Femmes class and signed up. Group training sessions were fantastic as both Mera and the other women in the class kept me motivated. Mera showed a passion for me to succeed which made me work even harder. Mera taught me a lot about proper nutrition and kept training exciting by constantly mixing up the workouts- no session was the same. In six months, I had lost 36lbs, 8.7% body fat and three pant sizes! Additionally, I gained confidence, self- acceptance and a fantastic butt. My weight loss and training experience inspired me to create a blog chronicling my new active lifestyle at I’m so glad I have Mera as my trainer!

The “Before” Picture I weighed 195lbs (Jan 2013) the “After” picture I weighed in at 159lbs (July 2013)… and I am still going strong!

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