Check out how Mera’s Warriors has helped clients! These are just a few of our favorite testimonials from our valued clients.


“2012 was a rough year for me. Upon seeing my doctor to discuss depression symptoms, fatigue and an unexplained weight gain, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s syndrome, a form of hypothyroidism where my thyroid antibodies were attacking my thyroid gland, slowing my metabolism. It took me a while to accept the diagnosis and realize I needed help getting to a healthy weight.

In January I saw a flyer for Mera’s Fit Femmes class and signed up. Group training sessions were fantastic as both Mera and the other women in the class kept me motivated. Mera showed a passion for me to succeed which made me work even harder. Mera taught me a lot about proper nutrition and kept training exciting by constantly mixing up the workouts- no session was the same. In six months, I had lost 36lbs, 8.7% body fat and three pant sizes! Additionally, I gained confidence, self- acceptance and a fantastic butt. My weight loss and training experience inspired me to create a blog chronicling my new active lifestyle at iamveggiestrong.blogspot.com. I’m so glad I have Mera as my trainer!

The “Before” Picture I weighed 195lbs (Jan 2013), the “After” picture I weighed in at 159lbs (July 2013)… and I am still going strong!”


Before – 192lbs Feb ‘15
After –
158lbs June ‘15

“In February 2015, I was working out three times a week and not making progress. I was depressed in every aspect of my life.

I would use unhealthy food to feed my emotions.

When I started Mera’s 30 Day Cleanse, I wasn’t sure if it was something I could do, or be committed to.

I needed someone to believe in me because I no longer believed in myself- But Mera did, she believed in me every step of the way.

With the help and support of Mera and all the amazing trainers at Boomer Fitness I was not only able to complete the challenge, but it has since changed my whole life.

When I stopped worrying about the scale and just focused on being healthy, that’s when everything changed. I take good supplements, along with a healthy diet and exercise routine and I am down to 158lbs.

I have energy, I’m happy, I’m healthy, I’m unstoppable!!!”


“I have been training with Mera for four months now and in that time I have completely changed my lifestyle and my body! My top three goals upon starting Mera’s training program were: To lose weight, not be depressed anymore and to change my lifestyle.

She helped encourage me, taught me how to discipline myself with healthy habits and made me accountable. The biggest change I noticed was a complete lifestyle change, more energy, increased confidence, being happy again and of course the weight loss. My most significant overall change was loosing 40 pounds (I lost 10 lbs on my own and 30 lbs with my trainer), I didn’t think I could loose that much but now I have the confidence to keep going!

I would describe Mera as strict and dedicated to my results- she expected me to succeed and didn’t allow me to consider quitting when things got hard. She wont let me slack off and that’s exactly what I need.

I would recommend Mera to anyone who’s tired of feeling unmotivated and sluggish and needs accountability and guidance; not only to change their physical appearance but their whole lifestyle forever.

Mera also works with my husband Kris and so far we’ve been doing very well together. Fitness has helped us become stronger as a couple because we’ve both gained self-confidence and became a great team; we encourage each other now. We even have more energy for raising our family and to do the things we love once again.”


Before- 185lbs Sept 2014
After- 168lbs Feb 2015

“In March, I was diagnosed with an auto-immune issue coupled with Candida (yeast imbalance throughout the GI tract).

My physician gave me a minimal food list and no help. Mera looked at my options and developed a menu including tasty recipes that made the whole process manageable.

In a months time, my joint inflammation has almost disappeared and 17 pounds melted away and I went from a size 12 to a size 8.

My energy level has improved, and with Mera’s suggestions and positive attitude, I am able to stay on track and I feel amazing! Working out at Boomer Fitness has helped me with my health more than I ever thought!” –Chris

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