Join one of our workshops to learn, network and gain inspiration about your wellness. Enhance your fitness and nutrition knowledge and get support!

Meal Prep Online Workshop
Learn more about food prep and join us for this 1-hour workshop to learn more about…

  • Implementing amazing and effective strategies for preparing meals for the week
  • Smart grocery shopping skills
  • Time saving meal prep tips
  • Planning balanced meals for the week
  • Proper nutrition for fat loss
  • Sample healthy foods from Perfect Dish, a local healthy meal prep company

When and where? Online
Contact me today to join!

If you would like to learn more about food prep and try some tasty new recipes to spark your creativity, join now!

Nutrition_Web (3)

Sugar Detox Online Workshop
Have you been successful so far in eliminating sugar? Let’s get to the root of your cravings for the sweet stuff together. My team and I are here to support you on a 10-Day Sugar Cleanse. Get ready for a complete transformation of mind and body. Get physical and mental clarity by giving your body a break from sugar. Join me on this 10-Day Sugar Cleanse as I introduce healthier meals satisfy your sugar cravings without the guilt!

Detox benefits:
-Decrease cravings
-Cut unhealthy calories
-Gain mental clarity

What you’ll gain:
-Direction and inspiration (plus daily emails)
-Support from me and my team
-Clarity about your sugar cravings
-Tools to eat less sugar long-term

Contact me today to join!

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