How to Get Motivated to Go to the Gym When You Don’t Feel Like It

#1 Have a goal

“People are not lazy. They simply have impotent goals – that is, goals that do not inspire them”. -Tony Robbins

Knowing the end result will fuel your motivation to exercise and create excitement in getting to the gym because you can envision your end result. See yourself as if you have arrived at your goal body image and let that inspire you and drive you to continue- don’t stop until you get there. You have to believe you can so that you will!

#2 Drink a pre workout drink!

This boosts fat burning metabolism and gets your brain energized and motivated to workout! Pre Workout Amino Energy works well, with some green tea caffeine and amino acids to help support the muscle during the workout.

#3 Wear something you feel good in

A new workout outfit helps a lot or just have specific clothes you only wear for exercise to separate your everyday clothes from your workout gear helps keep the workout clothing ‘special’ and sets your mindset to workout when you wear those clothes.

#4 Music helps A LOT!!

I get motivated when I listen to good old 90’s music, upbeat and energizing tunes always change the state of mind and help tune out distractions to help you focus on your workout.

#5 Always start with something you enjoy at the gym

It doesn’t have to be an exercise either… I love to start in the sauna with my music, gets the muscles all warmed up and it feels good. I look forward to going to the gym to sit in the sauna first, my happy place, makes me more motivated knowing the sauna is waiting for me.

#6 Have a game plan!

Being prepared with a written out workout plan for the day will make your time more efficiently spent at the gym and ensure a quality workout without wandering around thinking about what to do next. Hire a trainer to design a workout plan designed for your body and to teach you proper lifting form so you feel confident executing the workout with maximum results when done correctly.

#7 Stretch

Do this before, during and after the workout set for maximum flexibility. Stretching prevents injuries and the more flexible you are the more strength you can get with maximum range of motion.

#8 Track your progress

When you see that you are getting results (weight, inches and the way clothing fits) then you will be more motivated to continue going.

#9 Always end with cardio

Cardio boosts endorphins to top off the workout and maximizes fat burn! Lifting weights is like starting the ‘fire’ and cardio is ‘fanning the flame’ this couple is the best way to get the most of your workout and improve your mood and energy. A sure way to leave the gym feeling happier, more motivated, and more energized than when you came in.

Happy Training!

Email me at for any questions on getting help starting a fitness program today.

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Mera's Warriors is a nutrition coaching and certified personal training business with 9+ years of experience. The owner, Mera Cosgrove, tailors exercises that are specific to the clients health and fitness goals, while making health fun and educational. Mera helps her clients overcome many different kinds of struggles through nutrition and exercise.

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