How to avoid tempting junk food

Sometimes, you can treat yourself after a hard workout and a week of sticking to your goals. The problem is, junk food is tempting. It’s everywhere. It’s fast and easy and greasy. But what you want to do is stay on track with your health and fitness goals. So how can you avoid your dirty little secret temptations?

  1. Acknowledge that you want to stop eating junk food. Hey, this is the step that you have already accomplished! Good job! For bonus points, write down your goals. Or make a vision board. Look up some healthy and easy snacks or dinner options. Now let’s get to the next step.
  2. Plan healthy snacks that you actually want to eat and don’t forget to pack them! Give yourself an alternative. Pack some celery or carrots with hummus. Or some trail mix without chocolate or other not so healthy stuff. Don’t like those options? Pick something else that’s small but healthy. Make sure to include something with protein because protein keeps you feeling full the longest. Set an alarm to remind yourself to grab it.
  3. Keep water, and maybe also unsweetened tea, with you always. Maybe you’re not hungry. Maybe you’re just thirsty. Try drinking a healthy drink first, before eating something. Even before eating your healthy snack.
  4. Eat your preplanned snacks and drink some water instead of going to your forbidden place. Thinking about that fast food or that chocolate? Curb those cravings with your healthy options. No more craving! It’s that simple. You were just hungry.
  5. Slower eating is the key. If you eat all of your food in one bite, it will never feel like enough. Your brain will think that you didn’t eat at all. So, be sure to take smaller bites and avoid distractions. If you eat while doing something else, your brain will also still think that you need more food. Take some time out for your meal and make it a true break.
  6. Make sure to get enough sleep. Healthy eating and exercise are not enough on their own. Sleep is an extremely important but often overlooked part of getting in shape.
  7. Success! Now, just repeat until you crave the healthier options that nourish your body!

Published by MerasWarriors

Mera's Warriors is a nutrition coaching and certified personal training business with 9+ years of experience. The owner, Mera Cosgrove, tailors exercises that are specific to the clients health and fitness goals, while making health fun and educational. Mera helps her clients overcome many different kinds of struggles through nutrition and exercise.

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