Transformation | Chris

Before- 185lbs Sept 2014           After- 168lbs Feb 2015

“In March, I was diagnosed with an auto-immune issue coupled with Candida (yeast imbalance throughout the GI tract).

My physician gave me a minimal food list and no help.

Mera looked at my options and developed a menu including tasty recipes that made the whole process manageable.

In a months time, my joint inflammation has almost disappeared and 17 pounds melted away and I went from a size 12 to a size 8.

My energy level has improved, and with Mera’s suggestions and positive attitude, I am able to stay on track and I feel amazing! Working out at Boomer Fitness has helped me with my health more than I ever thought!” –Chris

Published by MerasWarriors

Mera's Warriors is a nutrition coaching and certified personal training business with 9+ years of experience. The owner, Mera Cosgrove, tailors exercises that are specific to the clients health and fitness goals, while making health fun and educational. Mera helps her clients overcome many different kinds of struggles through nutrition and exercise.

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