How to Get Motivated to Exercise When You Don’t Feel Like It

To get motivated to exercise when you don’t feel like it, you need a game plan.

#1~ Have a game plan! Being prepared with a written out workout plan for the day will make your time more efficiently spent at the gym and ensure a quality workout without wandering around thinking about what to do next. Hire a trainer to design a workout plan designed for Your body and to teach you proper lifting form so you feel confident executing the workout with maximum results when done correctly.

#2~ Drink a pre-workout drink!! Boosts fat burning and gets you energized to and motivated to workout with all the energy! (A few brands)

#3~ Music helps A LOT!! I get motivated when I listen to good old 90’s music. Upbeat and energizing tunes always change the state of mind and help tune out distractions to help you focus on your workout.

#4~ Always start with something you enjoy at the gym… it doesn’t have to be an exercise either. I love to start in the sauna with my music because it gets the muscles all warmed up and it feels good. I look forward to going to the gym to sit in the sauna, my happy place, first because it makes me more motivated knowing the sauna is waiting for me.

#5~ Wear something you feel good in! Maybe try a new workout outfit just for exercise!

#6~ STRETCH, STRETCH, STRETCH!! Stretch before, during and after the set for maximum flexibility. Stretching prevents injuries and the more flexible you are the more strength you can get with maximum range of motion.

#7~ Track your progress. When you see that you are getting results (weight, inches and the way clothing fits) then you will be more motivated to continue going.

#8~ Always end with cardio! This will boost endorphins to top off the workout and maximize fat burn 🔥!

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