Glute Activation- The Key To Building A Great Butt

Glute Activation- The Key To Building A Great Butt
Glute Activation is critical to a great leg workout. It is the number one way to ensure you are activating your glutes properly (and not just your thighs) during your workout. Glute activation is an exercise that you do prior to staring your leg workout or cardio to activate or ‘turn on’ your glute muscles and get them ready for the workout.

By pre-activating your glutes using small slow isolated movements, you’ll be more likely to use the glute muscles for the workout.

What happends hen you do not activate the glutes prior to a leg day,  you will compensate and end up using extra quadriceps, low back, hamstring and so on in place of the glutes.
This is why you should start all leg days and cardio sessions with glute activation.

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Glute activation routine:
No equipment needed. For for an extra challenge
I recommend using ankle weights between 2lbs- 10lbs.

Perform 15 repetitions of each exercise x 3 sets = 45 per side.
Do all 15 on one side then move to next exercise, and then complete other side. Control the movement, squeeze the glutes during every repetition and always keep your core tight while performing these movements.

  1. Donkey Kicks
  2. Fire Hydrants
  3. Knee Crossover Kicks

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