What I learned from my doTERRA trip to Puerta Vallarta, Mexico

I’m so thankful to doTERRA for this amazing trip which allows me to relax and help those in need through the charitable work that doTERRA is doing in Mexico! It’s always a good feeling when you are part of something much greater than yourself!

In February 2018, I embarked on a momentous trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with doTERRA! I couldn’t wait to be able to enjoy the sunshine and beauty of paradise but what I looked forward to the most was Volunteerism Day. It would be a chance to give back and help others, something that doTERRA values and I really appreciate about the essential oil company! That’s one of the many factors that first attracted me to doTERRA!

As it turns out, I gained more that I gave that day! Helping build a fence, a pool, a shaded gazebo and an area for horse back riding for therapy for the special needs kids at the Pasitos De Luz charity house has been life-changing!

All of this is free for kids who can’t afford it but need therapy and extra support because of their disabilities! The charity is a non profit that a family from Canada created after their 9 year old boy died from a disease. We helped them build these outdoor therapy’s and doTERRA paid for it.

We put so much love into this work! And I’m so happy to have been able to help these wonderful kids and their families so much! In turn, they taught me more invaluable lessons about happiness, joy, and gratitude that I could have imagined! ❤️

My last photo features a mural that a local Mexican artist drew for the house on the fence right near the main entrance of the building. ❤️

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